Cut, Copy, Paste

Use buttons at the bottom of the pages

1, 2, 3. Buttons at the bottom of the page perform operations on Directions that have been checked.

The "Paste" button appears and lights up only when a Direction is available for pasting (checked on the Copies page). Pushing the "Paste" button will paste the Direction -- or several of them -- into the Waypoint you are looking at. To see what's up on the Copies page click the Copies button.

The "Copies" button performs two functions. It will always take you to the Copies page. In addition, if Directions on the present Waypoint are checked, it will copy those Directions and put them on the Copies page.

The "Cut" button will delete Directions that are checked and put those on the Copies page.

4. The Copies page shows all of the copies that are available. Checked copies are designated for processing. They can be either deleted from the copies page or pasted back into the system.

5. The "Delete" button will delete from the Copies page any copies that are checked. Any items not pasted back into the system elsewhere will be deleted from the system after 48 hours.

6. The "Done" button will close the Copies Page.

Remember, in Paste operations, only the copies that are checked are going to be pasted.

There are limits to the size of branches that a user can cut and paste in the Public area. Initially, users do not have sufficient trust points (see the "Powers" section) to make cuts of any significant size in the public area. Users need to build up some experience working in the Private space in order to accumulate the required points to make cuts in the Public area. As your experience level grows, you are allowed to cut and paste larger branches.