1. In the Public area of the site, push the "Discuss" button at the bottom of the page to communicate with other users regarding recent changes to the waypoint.

Kinnective is a social environment, where users can indicate approval or disapproval of the activities of others, and in doing so affect the "trust points" that govern the capabilities of others in the system. Positive reactions from other users increase your editing capability. Disapproval from others decreases your editing capability. By discussing things with other users and taking their opinions into account, you can become a more productive member of the community.

For more on trust points, see the Help section called "Trust Points."

2.  The Discussion page also offers the ability to put a "Watch" on a Waypoint, which will cause emails to be sent to the subscribing user whenever the Waypoint is changed.

3. The X-Watch button will cancel a Watch.

4. The "Invite" button will send an email to all users who have watches on the last Waypoint viewed and on adjoining Waypoints, as well, inviting them to join the discussion taking place on the last Waypoint viewed. When you want to call attention to a discussion, use the "Invite" button.