One month free trial

To join for the free trial, all users must register a valid email address and choose a user ID.

The free trial enables user to upload bookmarks/favorites files, edit them, download them, and navigate through both the Private and the Public sections of the site. It does not allow users to change the Public section in any way, to comment on the Public section, or to build trust. Both the Private and the Public trees can be accessed from any computer anywhere, and from any Apple, Android, or Kindle device anywhere.

To join

To join Kinnective, click on the Register button on the Sign In page. Membership makes you part of the Kinnective community allowing you to contribute bookmarks and folders of bookmarks to the Public section. It allows you to use the system's editing commands, to participate in discussions on how to organize sections of public data, and to vote for or against other user's edits.

Full membership registration uses PayPal's credit card processing system. Your credit card information stays on PayPal's secure web site. The process helps you open a Paypal account if you don't have one. Paypal is the most popular payment system on the web. An account is a handy thing to have. Membership in Kinnective will cost you 99 cents a month.

To quit

You may terminate your membership at any time. Just click on the "Resign" button on the Sign-In page, when you are signed out.