Drag and drop editing

Users can rearrange Waypoints and Directions by dragging and dropping them

1. You can change the vertical stacking order of items in a Waypoint by pressing or clicking down on the “grab” handle at the far left of the Direction bar you want to move. Do not let go. The button will light. While the button is lit, move the item straight up or down in the stack to change the stacking order.

If you hold an item against the top or bottom of the window holding the stack, the whole stack will automatically scroll up and down to show you the entire list of Directions on that Waypoint.

Let it go and the item will settle into its new position.

2. If you want to drop a Direction into a folder on the same Waypoint, drag it to the right, then move up or down. Wherever a direction lights, you can drop the Direction you are dragging.