It pays to collaborate

Kinnective is designed to facilitate and support collaboration among members. Trust points are a key part of the system. Trust points govern the editing capabilities that users exercise in the system. The more trust points you have, the more you can do.

Points are awarded to subscribers who contribute well-received bookmarks or branches of bookmarks and demonstrate concern for others in the edits and comments they make. Nearly all awards of points relate to actions in the Public space of the site. Trust points gained through editing in private space are capped at 20 points. No editing privileges in public space are allowed during free trials. Bottom line, trust points aren't something you want to worry about a lot during a free trial.

Great weight is given to contributions to the Public space; adding data to the system counts more than deleting data from it.

Points are awarded in two ways. Both directly, based on the member�€น‚€ย™s activity, and indirectly, based on the reactions of other members, as expressed in up and down votes on actions and comments. The table below summarizes the current point award system, which remains subject to adjustment.

When it comes to cutting and pasting big branches of links and folders, trust points really matter. The size of the branches members are allowed to cut and paste is based on the number of �€น‚€ยœtrust points�€น‚€ย they have accumulated through contributions, edits, and constructive comments. The table below summarizes the relationship.

Naturally, edits of larger branches will impact a larger group of contributors and will tend to generate more votes of approval or disapproval. So that kind of edit can generate a very large swing in a user's trust points, impacting the user's capabilities radically.

1.Your trust points are visible to all users.

Anytime you make an edit on a Waypoint, your user ID is attached to that edit. Members who visit the "Discuss" page associated with that Waypoint will see a notification regarding the most recent edit, the ID of the user who made the edit, and that user's trust point total, which appears to the right of the Waypoint title.

Curious about your own trust point total? It is visible at all times on every "Notes" page in your Private space.