Why voting?

The community is structured to encourage collaboration as the most efficient approach to the building of a large map. It allows full membership users to vote on any edit to any public Waypoint.

1. The site allows all users to vote on any edit to any Waypoint.

2. It also invites voting on comments.

These votes impact the "trust points" of the user who made the edit or made the comment. As a user's trust points increase, his or her capabilities on the site increase. Avoid protracted disagreements with others, which will tend to reduce points. Avoid making changes that are likely to inconvenience others, as their negative reactions will directly affect you.

The size of branches that can be cut or pasted from the Public section is gated by the user’s trust point total. New users are not permitted to edit cut anything in the Public area. Users are required to gain some points by practicing in their private space before being set loose in the public space. As trust points accumulate, you can cut and paste larger branches.

See the section on "Trust Points" for more.